Poll: Majority Of Republicans Approve Of How Trump Handled Putin And It Isn't Even Close

Politics | Mike Brest
79 percent of Republicans

FACT CHECK: Did John Brennan Once Vote For The Communist Party?

Politics | David Sivak
'We've all had indiscretions in our past'

These Are The Six Republicans Who Voted In Favor Of Carbon Taxes

Energy | Chris White
Their opposition was offset by the seven Democrats who supported the measure.

The New York Times Potentially Risks US Intel Assets Just To Try To Catch Trump In A Lie

World | Ryan Pickrell
Disclosing information about sensitive sources close to Putin

Gallup: One Issue Has Skyrocketed As The Most Important To Voters Heading Into The Midterms

Politics | Will Racke
'Favors the Republican approach to this issue'

Man Grabs Waitress's Backside. She Retaliates With An NFL-Level Tackle [VIDEO]

US | Jena Greene
She took him DOWN

OPINION: Papa John's CEO Was Banished Because He Is A White Man Who Talked About Race

Opinion | Michael Meyers
Bring back Papa John out of the deep freeze

VOTE: What Was Trump's Best Burn?

Politics | Jessica Jenkins
Crooked Hillary? Pocahontas?

Illegal Aliens Charged In Heroin Scheme That Led To Overdose Deaths In Tennessee

US | Will Racke
'Consequences of a long unchecked immigration system'

Trump's EPA Finds Chronic Management Weakness Delayed Flint Water Response

Energy | Chris White
'Catastrophic situation'

Senate Passes Resolution Urging Trump To Protect Diplomats And Government Officials From Putin

Politics | Julia Cohen
WH said Trump wouldn't turn over a former ambassador for questioning

Trump Is Finally Bringing Balance To A Law That Strangles Industry In The Name Of Conservation

Energy | Tim Pearce

Trump Gives A Speech On Business -- Has A Flashback To His Past That's CLASSIC Trump

Politics | Justin Caruso
'Isn't that strange?'

This $60 Off Sous Vide Machine Connects To Bluetooth So You Can Cook Remotely

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
40 percent off, even several days after Prime Day

Couple Sets Off Fireworks For Gender Reveal. It Turns Into A Dangerous Disaster [VIDEO]

Entertainment | David Hookstead
It's kind of funny

Watch Liz Warren Yell At Trump Nominee For Being In The Trump Administration

Politics | Thomas Phippen
'It is a moral stain that will follow you for the rest of your life'

Former Evergreen State College Police Chief In Talks To Settle Lawsuit With School

Education | Zachery Schmidt
The tort claims Brown faced 'open hostility on an almost daily basis'

Move Over, Iron Man -- 'Jet Suits' Go On Sale In London Department Store

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
Here's how much it will cost you

Podcast: The 'No' (Mis)Heard Around The World

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Journalism is dead

A Big Ten Basketball Coach Scores A HUGE Contract Extension. Does He Deserve It?

Sports | David Hookstead
He's a great coach

Homeland Security Chief: Trump Directed Me To Secure Future Elections

Politics | Christopher Smith
'We should be absolutely prepared'

Hippies Are Protesting Efforts To Replace An Old Pipeline With A Safer One

Energy | Jason Hopkins
They want to be called 'water protectors'

Several Men Charged For Child Porn Ring, Exploited More Than 100 Girls

US | Neetu Chandak
Girls as young as 11 were exploited

Whoopi Goldberg Shouts Down Jeanine Pirro After Saying The Host Suffers From 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'I'm done'

You Can Get A Cast Iron Casserole Pot Without Spending Hundreds

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
This Cuisinart cookware is $160 off

Trump Knocks Back Putin Proposal To Question U.S. Ambassador

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'President Trump disagrees with it'

Judge Pirro Shushes The View And Wrecks Obama In The Process

Media | Mike Brest
'Barack Obama stood by and let Russia go in'

100 Firefighters Will Be Treated In Asbestos Decontamination Units After Steam Pipe Explodes In New York City

Health | Vandana Rambaran
Bag your clothing and shower

White House Pushes Back As Democrats Claim Kavanaugh Is Gunning For Mueller

Politics | Kevin Daley
Shah says Dems are playing 'fast and loose'

Elizabeth Warren Says Americans End Up 'Eating Dirt' Without Regulations, Insults Proud Southern Tradition Of Eating Dirt

US | Benny Johnson
'When it's good and dug from the right place, dirt has a fine sour taste'

Luxuries Politicians Get From Leadership PAC Donors, By The Numbers

Politics | Evie Fordham
$871,000 in golf-related expenses

Tobacco Controllers Wage Pathetic War To Misinform People About Vaping

Daily Vaper | Carl V. Phillips
This is the best science tobacco control can do

US Supreme Court Could Intervene In Youths' Climate Change Lawsuit Against Trump

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'I would not be surprised'

Speculation Swirls About Maria Butina's Mystery Oligarch 'Funder'

Politics | Chuck Ross

Coast Guard Seizes Nearly $200 Million In Cocaine From Transnational Smugglers

US | Steve Birr
Over 12,000 pounds

Designer Creates One-Size-Fits-All Gender Fluid Collection

World | Gabrielle Okun

BOOM: Jobless Claims Lowest Since 1969

US | Benny Johnson
'All districts reported that labor markets were tight'


Tucker: 'Official Washington' Wants To 'Crush' Anyone Who Questions If NATO Serves American Interests

'The guardians of our public conversation are not serious people'

San Francisco's Sanctuary City Laws Might Protect Suspected Serial Rapist From ICE

'Our initiative will be on the ballot in 2020'

CNN's Anderson Cooper Tries To Justify Calling Trump 'Disgraceful' On Colbert: 'It Just Popped Out'

'It just popped out'

Man Grabs Waitress's Backside. She Retaliates With An NFL-Level Tackle [VIDEO]

She took him DOWN

Cybersecurity Expert Reveals The Country That Is A Bigger Threat Than Russia

'Russia's influence operation is background noise'

Former ICE Director Calls Socialist Ocasio-Cortez 'Un-American' For Plan To Shut Down ICE

Dangerous and 'un-American'

Democratic Congressional Candidate Campaigns On Opposition To Pelosi

Gun Store Owner Who Kicked Cohen Out: He's 'Mocking The Second Amendment'

'You can’t mock the Second Amendment'

Watch Survivors Of Larry Nassar's Sexual Abuse Accept ESPY Award For Courage [VIDEO]

They deserve it

Leonardo DiCaprio's Upcoming Movie About Charles Mansion Gets A Major Change

Will you see it?

Trump: 'I Dream' About Running Against Joe Biden

'That's a dream'

CNN's 'New Day' Turns To James Clapper To Push Putin Blackmail Theory

'It makes me very nervous'

Aaron Rodgers Pulls Off Cringeworthy Performance For ESPY Awards Stunt [VIDEO]

It's awful

Jimmy Garoppolo Goes On A Date With A Porn Star. Should The 49ers Be Concerned?

The answer is...

Twelve Nassar Abuse Survivors Accept Arthur Ashe Courage Award At The ESPYS

'We persisted and finally someone listened'

Meet The Group Who Is Taking On The Gun Grabbers

'It's our mission in life to protect and preserve our lives'

Rand Paul: The Only Person We Know Colluded With The Russians Is Hillary Clinton

'Who hacked into Hillary Clinton's emails?'

Dems' New Motto Same As Used Car Dealer And An Ambulance Chaser

Branding fail

Gun Store Owner Calls Out Sacha Baron Cohen After Exposing His Tricks

'We knew that he was here to make a mockery'

April Ryan Keeps Interrupting Sarah Sanders — Sarah Finally Loses It

'"Unless I call on you, I don't have to answer your question'

Keith Ellison Claims National Borders Create 'An Injustice'

'We need to understand our interconnectedness globally'

Kellyanne Defends Trump-Putin Summit: 'At Least He Wasn't Caught On Hot Mic'

'Donald Trump was not caught'

ESPN's Theme Song For The 2018 College Football Season Is Awful. Listen To It Here [VIDEO]

Another poor decision

DEBATE: Is It Ever OK For A Woman To Tell A Man To Turn Off A Football Game?

'If she tells you to turn off the TV, it's time to turn off your marriage'

Dick Durbin Compares Finding Immigrant Children To Tracking Domino's Pizza

'Ask them, where is the pizza?'

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